5 Indoor Games You Should Be Playing out of Your Mobiles

Mobile games are very rampant these days. Even kids are getting hooked with these mobile games and parents are having difficulties in restricting their mobile use. It may be because of the digital age that is progressing. Whether you like it or not, mobile games will be addicting and will reduce the physical and mental activities of the new generations. So, to pause for a while, make sure that your kids and you will play some of the indoor games you can play at home or in your garage. In this article, let’s see what the five games you can quickly teach your kids and play together are.

5 Cool Games You Can Play Indoor


Many teens are fond of playing billiard as it is a simple game. You only need a billiard table, balls, and cue to play this game. It usually fits in the garage, or even in the living room, and some families have a billiard table at their basement too. You can easily find pool tables for sale, and you can choose from which will be suitable for your home. It is a beautiful game that will keep the bond of your family, so take that mobile phones away for the meantime.

Table Tennis

If you want to sweat a little bit, go to table tennis. You can have it at your garage too or in your garden area. The table is small and can fit smoothly, although, at some point, you might be needing excessive motions. So, for a while, shut your mobile phone and lose some sweats for sweet family time.


For a sharper eye and mental alertness, the dart is an excellent game. It will also improve your sense coordination, as well as your mental capability. If you want your kid to learn of a kind indoor match that will enhance their skill, go for a dart game, make sure to ensure the safety of your kids, buy a suitable dart game according to their capability and age.


For more mental games, chess is one of the best. Father and son usually play it, but you can take turns. Or you can run a chess tournament at your home with your loved ones. It will be loaded with fun, better than your mobile games.

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Card Games

There are many kinds of card games you can choose from, whatever will be suitable for your family. Usually, card games played during power interruption, or during bored times. Why not play it during your family bonding time. So, gather everyone and make sure that there are no mobile phones to interrupt. Just enjoy the moment and play your favorite card games. You can play from the easiest to the hardest, or do some magic tricks with your family.

Mobile games can be addicted, but once you turn it off, you will be surprised that there are more games you can play physically and mentally. Although, mobile games can also be cool. Just make sure to disconnect your mobiles once in a while, to connect with your loved ones with these indoor game suggestions.