Storm​ Fall Age of Wars for Hardcore Players

If you like games like Age of Empires and Command and Conquer, then the arrival of Stormfall: Age of War to the social network Facebook should be among your favorite social games.

The proposed Stormfall plarium game leads to a medieval fantasy world with elements worthy of Lord of the Rings, where we have to manage the most of our troops and resources to confront the enemy armies in an epic struggle for control of the continent.

Stormfall plarium game

The Real Time Strategy given by Stormfall is reduced in complexity, but thanks to a graphic section very detailed and an array of options, this adventure game for Facebook does stand out from other titles in the network that are intended only for casual gamers. Stormfall: Age of War, is one of the most appropriate to the hardcore users of social network games.

The development of a story with betrayals, conspiracies and epic battles helps bring the game to more casual Facebook users. The game play with elements drawn from classic stories as Age of Empires, which points to the most demanding players seeking complex mechanical.

To expand your army and take care of your kingdom in Stormfall, you have to fulfill different missions and properly manage your money and sapphires. You can invite your friends to join the war and form a band to help you find resources faster.

The sapphires are used to enhance the activities of the castle, from most productive areas for food to more powerful defensive towers or firepower. There is a good selection of troops that can be grouped according to the type of attack or how you want to mobilize your army and then go about fulfilling the missions and conducting a liberation of the continent based on epic court battles. Are you ready to be the most memorable Facebook warrior?